Digital Object and Contract Management

Why is the process orientation of contract management necessary?

According to a general definition, a process is a cross-functional, reproducible sequence of activities with defined interfaces (to other processes) and responsibilities.The goal definition is to ensure smooth cooperation in the sequences and a target-oriented flow of information within the company.This goal is implemented organizationally by a cross-departmental process responsibility with defined tasks.

There are a number of methods for the achievement of objectives, such as the Six Sigma Methodology of General Electric (GE) with the acronym DMAIC.

  • D - (Define) Definition and description of the problem, marking out the task, the order, the process

  • M - (Measure) How can the type of change be measured and the process performance described?

  • A -  (Analysis) Determination of the causal relationships between the variables

  • I -   (Improve) improvement, development of necessary modifications, actions, etc.

  • C - (Control) Standardization of continuous improvement

By a process-oriented view on the contract administration the basis for further improvement potential is laid by the application of a suitable methodology.

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