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Why do we use SharePoint as the basic technology for DOCM contract management?

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We chose SharePoint as the basic technology because many companies already use SharePoint as their corporate platform. This enables a seamless integration of DOCM contract management into the IT structure of your company.

With regard to the DOCM contract management solution, the following advantages of using SharePoint as the basic technology are to be mentioned:

  • If you already use SharePoint (infrastructure existing server for operating system, database, and e-mail communication), then no further investments are necessary.
  • DOCM contract management can also be set on the basis of the free SharePoint 2013 Foundation version in conjunction with the free SQL Server Express Edition.
  • DOCM contract management data can be integrated into the company's data backup concept.
  • The DOCM - contract management solution uses the existing e-mail infrastructures (e.g. Exchange server) of the company.
  • No local installation / configuration is required; the DOCM contract management is used with different browsers.
  • Your existing SharePoint "user / access management" is also used by the DOCM contract management solution (single sign-on).
  • The use of the SharePoint-based full text search makes it possible to find specific information in the metadata and contract documents (as e-mails, Word and PDF documents, etc.).
  • Even complex business processes can be mapped with DOCM contract management. If required, SharePoint workflows can also be used to automate process steps.
  • In conjunction with the SharePoint document management functions, "contract documents" become available for displaying revisions to metadata and documents, managing versions, and restoring older versions. It is also possible to set document and element level access permissions.
  • The integrity of DOCM contract management documents can be ensured through SharePoint basic functions.

By using the Sharepoint infrastructure for DOCM contract management, we can provide you with a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution that further enhances your enterprise-wide collaboration platform.

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