Digital Object and Contract Management

Consortium contracts

A consortium is a business combination of several legally and economically independent companies for the temporary implementation of an agreed business purpose. Responsibilities / areas of responsibility can be regulated in the internal relationship of a consortium by corresponding individual contracts.
DOCM contract management provides for the possibility of assigning individual contracts to a consortium contract. In the case of a consortium, a distinction is made between an external or open consortium and an internal or silent consortium.

  • In the case of an external consortium, the contract is concluded between all the companies involved in the consortium and the customer. The consortium members are thus known to the customer. For technical / organisational reasons, a so-called consortium leader is chosen from among the companies involved in the consortium to conduct negotiations with the customer "on behalf of and for the account of the consortium".
  • In a silent consortium, the consortium leader acts as the general contractor for the customer. The distribution of the sales order is distributed internally within the consortium as a quota.