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DOCM Contract Structuring

Structuring of contracts into contract groups

Single contract - Single contracts are concluded for a specific contractual object and can be concluded for a limited or unlimited period.

Rahmenvertrag -   Ein Rahmenvertrag ist Lieferplan, der zwischen Lieferanten und Kunden festlegt, in welchem Zeitraum welche Produkte in welchen Mengen und Konditionen zu liefern sind. Diese Art von Vereinbarung wirkt sich auf eine Gruppe von Einzelverträgen aus, begrenzt deren Laufzeit  oder Volumina z.B. Rahmenvertrag für Leasingfahrzeuge eines Konzerns.

Framework agreement - A framework agreement is a delivery plan between a supplier and a customer that determines which products in which quantities and conditions are to be delivered in which period. This type of agreement affects a group of individual contracts, whose term or volume is limited, for example, by a master agreement for a group's leased vehicles.

Structuring of contracts into contract types

  • Rental agreement
    A rental agreement regulates the rental or leasing of buildings or space and includes types of use, costs and income.

  • Insurance contract
    Regulates the granting of insurance cover for buildings or building equipment, vehicles of any kind as well as personal insurance, etc. such as liability volume.

  • Service contract
    In a service contract, the contractor makes his work available to the customer in return for payment. A special characteristic of a service contract is the recording and administration of service slips, interim invoices, etc., for example, a cleaning contract or a maintenance contract.

  • Communication contract
    A communications contract covers all agreed services relating to telecommunications, fixed networks, mobile communications or data communications.

  • Personnel contract
    A personnel contract is usually concluded as a direct contract between a company and an individual (employee or training contract).

  • Purchasing contract from the point of view of the company
    Purchase contracts include, for example, supply contracts (gas, water, heating oil, etc.) as well as trade, license and goods purchase contracts.

  • Sales contracts from the point of view of the company
    See Purchasing Contracts.

  • Leasing contract
    In civil law terms, leasing is a transfer of use agreement. Leasing contracts have a similar character to rental contracts. Leasing differs from rent in that the maintenance and repair work owed under the lease or the warranty claim is passed on to the lessee. 

  • Contract for work
    In a contract for work and services, an entrepreneur is obliged to produce a work (e.g. objects, goods or expert opinions) and the customer is obliged to pay the agreed remuneration.

  • Contract of partnership
    A partnership agreement is an agreement in which the shareholders determine the legal basis of a company when it is founded. This includes the distribution of shares:  Distribution of the partners' shares, distribution of profits, regulation of the internal and external relations, etc.

  • Other contracts
    Contracts with a different legal background, such as letters of intent or non-disclosure agreements

Contract types in preparation

Cooperation agreement 
Defines the cooperation between legally independent companies or organizations of varying intensity, duration and direction.

Company agreement 
Contracts between domestic or foreign companies. The company agreements also include: profit transfer, operating lease or transfer of ownership.

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