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What are the requirements for a modern contract management system?


  • Digitization and centralization of all corporate contracts in a central relational database
  • Providing a database for process-controlled contract and deadline management through defined contract metadata
  • Monitoring of all contract deadlines with central deadline management for each mandant.
  • Full transparency on all costs and revenues of managed contracts.
  • Central management information system for your contracts and contract objects based on a contract database
  • Integrated object and supplier management
  • Management of different types of contracts, e.g. rental contracts, cleaning contracts, etc. as individual and framework contracts
  • Securing the principle of dual control through approval workflow in the contract creation process
  • Electronic resubmission of contract dates using deadline lists and e-mail notifications
  • Integrated document management for all related  documents of a contract
  • Integrated keyword search in all documents (SharePoint functionality)
  • Support of other company internal business processes
  • Representation of contractual dependencies and relationships (Frame contract  <- >  Single contracts)

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