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The Brexit shows how important company-wide property and contract management is for companies operating throughout Europe!

In an article on the ntv website of 12 June 2019 entitled: EU demands 44 billion euros, the author writes among other things:
"In the view of the Brussels Commission, the European Union is now well prepared for the dreaded Brexit without a treaty. No further legal emergency measures would be needed before the now valid departure date of 31 October, the EU Commission explained. All member states are highly prepared for all scenarios".
"Despite the overall positive assessment of the emergency measures, the Commission complained that some insurance companies and financial service providers were "not well prepared" on some points, such as contract management. They are strongly urged to complete their preparations by 31 October". (Source:, mau/rts/dpa, 12 June 2019)

This statement shows that in the area of contract management, deficits have also been identified in large groups of insurance companies and financial service providers. Here, a corresponding object and contract management software available company-wide can meet the controlling and compliance requirements.

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