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Contract process

Risk management

Contracts must be checked legally and technically as part of a company-wide contract management process. For this purpose, possible risks must be identified and evaluated in each phase of the contract life cycle.

Why is the process orientation of contract management necessary?

According to a general definition, a process is a cross-functional, reproducible sequence of activities with defined interfaces (to other processes) and responsibilities.The goal definition is to ensure smooth cooperation in the sequences and a target-oriented flow of information within the company.This goal is implemented organizationally by a cross-departmental process responsibility with defined tasks.

The 8 steps of the contract management process

The following text describes the first part of a contract management process in an eEPK diagram (extended event-driven process chain). Steps 1-4 of the contract initiation process include the first part of the DOCM contract management process. Stages 5-8 comprise the second line of the active DOCM contract management process with review of the agreed deliveries and services and monitoring of the contract end date.

Process communication

The process communication takes place on the basis of a rule-controlled DOCM e-mail dispatch to a defined SharePoint group "Contract Manager". The trigger is usually a missed deadline of set resubmission dates. If a processor uploads or changes documents to the contract partners or contracts, an e-mail is sent to the "Contract Manager" group.