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What is your benefit when using DOCM?


Centralization of object and contract management with all contract-relevant digitalized information in a relational database creates the necessary transparency and enables compliance with legal obligations, both for you and for other parties, and thus forms the database / basis for your compliance processes.


The DOCM contract management solution's wide range of graphical evaluation options enables you to improve reporting and thus create further transparency in the process flows.

By ensuring on-schedule processing through electronic resubmission, cost and time savings can be realized immediately through simplified and faster administrative processes.

When using DOCM, a complete information capability regarding the entire contract is ensured for the authorized persons of your company.

Process security in the area of contract management through the definition and introduction of procedures and support processes such as approval workflows for your employees.

Manipulation security is ensured by SharePoint-compliant access rights and automatic documentation of data changes.

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