Digital Object and Contract Management

Processing steps in the contract process

As early as the contract initiation phase, draft contracts must not only be examined according to formal legal criteria, but also assessed with regard to the risks inherent in each contract. As some cases in recent years have shown, early examination and evaluation in the run-up to a contract would not have given rise to problems in the "last phase of contract negotiations". If contract negotiation and termination risks were clearly defined and assessed in advance, there can be no surprises later.

Within the framework of contract management, it is determined who, as contract manager, assumes responsibility for the active contract. Furthermore, at least one deputy must be appointed within the framework of a company-wide deputy regulation; a second deputy can be added optionally.  The completion of further contract-relevant data is then subject to the contract manager. DOCM supports the contract manager and his deputies in the monitoring of contract-relevant deadlines such as cancellation deadlines for automatic contract extensions, resubmission dates for risk audits, etc. in the form of an automatic e-mail notification. In this way, costs resulting from missed deadlines can be avoided.

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