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What do we mean by digital contract management?

Digital contract management is a systematic, process-driven software solution for creating, processing, monitoring and evaluating contracts.

It usually also contains further functions for the administration of objects and suppliers and their evaluations. By summarizing all relevant contract data and facts in a contract database, the basis for the necessary contract transparency in the company is ensured.

This management process is supported by our software solution "DOCM" Digital Object and Contract Management" in the following areas

  • Creation of contracts by company-compliant providing of contract templates
  • Search for keywords and text elements using the search options provided by SharePoint
  • Manage or structure contracts in contract groups and contract types
  • Graphical evaluation of costs and revenues according to divisions / companies or departments  
  • Automatic timely e-mail notification before reaching the specified contract deadlines
  • Cost reduction due to efficient process-compliant working method


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